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Our Manifesto

The ocean, our longest friend.

From the primordial broth that gave us life to the beautiful barrier reefs that house thousands and thousands of diverse and uniquely important species, the ocean is a crucial element needed for us to stay alive.
The oxygen we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, without the ocean they simply would not exist.

Unfortunately, over the course of the past millennium, humans haven’t been so good at keeping the relationship with this vital element intact. We took its gentle friendship for granted, treated its powerful waters as a bin for our toxic waste and disregarded its need for maintenance and care. Still, despite our neglect and unruly behavior, the ocean keeps providing us with abundance and the energy to keep going.

Marine litter is piling up, tilting the balance of a precious ecosystem and causing unprecedented changes to our home: the Earth.

The loss of biodiversity and the threat to wildlife are intrinsically intertwined with the lives of coastal communities, whose livelihoods rely heavily on the wellbeing of the ocean.

The environmental crisis is a human crisis. For this reason, it’s imperative we save the ocean, a crucial resource, from perishing.

Ogyre was born from the impelling need to reverse the damage, to take action–real action–by empowering seamen and people to do something now.

By building a bridge between people and the ocean, we believe in the power of collectivity. By taking a community driven approach, we believe we can manifest a better future, not only dream it.

Ogyre is a lifestyle, a catalyst for change.

If you believe the Earth deserves better, then Ogyre is what you need.

From the ocean
for the ocean, united for a sustainable future.

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